ANCOJET Advantages

Great simplification and energy and production materials saving: 1 one-piece body, 1 control pin, 1 bolt.

The gasket – a front pressure O-ring – is in contact with the seat only if the valve is completely closed: it doesn´t wear out with movements repeating (it has brilliantly passed a wearing test consisting in more than 50,000 opening/closing cycles, and it showed any leaking!) and
it isn´t damaged by scale or impurities that can be found in water.

It can be opened and closed by turning the control handle only by 90 degrees; for this purpose only a very little power is required: there is no rubbing, any gasket works as a friction on the holding member.

Hygiene is at its top: water doesn´t stagnate, both with open and closed valve, therefore germ and bacteria contamination is impossible (antilegionella).

Anti frost